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Manure disposal

Maintenance-free manure removal

Manure in the barn; we would rather not spend much time on it. That is why products are needed that fit into the barn system, that are easy to operate and require as little maintenance as possible.

Spinder's manure removal systems have been developed on the basis of specific conditions (for the farmer) and preferences (of the cow).

Clean floors and slats lead to less work, both in free stall cleaning and milking, and reduce the need for litter. Cows prefer to walk on dry ground rather than in manure; a clean dung passage reduces hoof problems and prevents bacterial hot spots and health problems.

Spinder has been supplying a rope-driven manure scraper system for many years; rope-driven, because rope is convenient, easy to maintain and does not bother the cows. Comfort for the farmer and for the cow.

Slurry should remain homogeneous; only then, the pits can be emptied properly, and spreading manure is easy. Therefore, the manure has to be mixed regularly; with a tractor mixer or with an electric mixer. Spinder supplies a wide range of products for this purpose.

Available products Manure disposal

Spinder supply a wide range of various products that make adequate and fast manure processing possible.

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