Spinder palisadeline feed front

Palisadeline feed front

The palisadeline feed front is available for all ages, from calves to large stock.

The shape of the palisadeline feed front has a number of important advantages in relation to e.g. the diagonal feed front or a simple tubular feed front. It shows the calf how to deal with a (self-locking) feed front from a young age; not eating until the animal lifts its head and sticks it through the feed front.

More space for the animals while they are eating. The right feeding place width for every age category. As a result, there is less pushing and therefore less agitation while the animals are eating.

Important features

  • no pressure points in the neck of the cow (other than with a front-rail feed front)
  • no or little fodder (roughage) waste of feed on slats or in straw-bedded pens
  • less pushing, more peaceful while the animals are eating

  • large head opening
  • for 2-week old calves to large stock
  • suitable for horned cows
  • for any age category
  • collar-friendly
  • favourably-priced feed front
  • Palisadeline feed front
  • Palisadeline feed front
  • Palisadeline feed front
  • Palisadeline feed front
  • Palisadeline feed front

Specifications Palisadeline

Various dimensions

The Palisadeline feed front is available for all ages and comes in various sections:

  • For large stock: from 2 (134 cm) to 5 (325 cm) feed openings, with feeding place widths of 65 cm
  • For heifers: from 3 (171 cm) to 6 (325 cm) feed openings, with feeding place widths of 55 cm
  • For young stock: from 4 (196 cm) to 7 (325 cm) feed openings, with feeding place widths   of 47.5 cm
  • For calves: from 5 (180 cm) to 9 (325 cm) feed openings, with feeding place widths of 36 cm

The standard length of a feed front section is 325 cm. Several fitting pieces are available; the length depends on the number of feed openings and the feeding place width.


Mounting to the 2 1/2" support posts is done with the universal fasteners. It is possible to increase the length of a feed front section by 5 cm and if this is not sufficient, Spinder have longer fastening parts available. . 

The palisade feed front for young stock and calves comes standard with a hinge and closing bar, so the pens are easily accessible for cleaning out.

By mounting a so-called hinge assembly, any heifer or large stock feed front section can be turned into a rotating gate.

Optional accessories

  • support posts
  • protective sleeve
  • floor mounted support post
  • stopper
  • feed front fasteners
  • operating handle
  • hinge assembly and castor wheel for rotating gate
Specifications Palisadeline

Information sheet

In the following information sheets, you will find all the information you need with regard to the Palisadeline feed front.

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the Palisadeline feed front. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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