Spinder offers a total concept of livestock housing products with both the cows and the farmers in mind.

Spinder offers a total concept of livestock housing products with both the cows and the farmers in mind.

Building our future

2019 will be a very special year for Spinder. After 46 years in Harkema we are moving to Drachten, where a lot of hard work is going into the construction of the new building which will be up and running in August. These new premises will provide us with a much more up-to-the-minute operating environment, as well as giving us a lot more space. We will keep you informed! 

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Dairy Housing Concepts and Barn Fittings for the Dairy Industry

To maintain a profitable barn with healthy dairy cows, will first and foremost require a well thought-out barn concept. A good barn concept makes optimum use of the available space, puts cow comfort first but also pays attention to the dairy farmer's management approach. Needless to say, everything must also remain affordable.

Capacity, construction, lighting and ventilation are the first aspects that are looked at . During the planning process, issues such as the projected duration of construction, how often the animals graze outdoors and hoof care are also taken into consideration. The walkways, the separation of the various areas for resting or activity by means of cow traffic gates and the design and characteristics of the lying and walking areas all play a central role. The number and models of cubicles, feeding areas, drinking troughs and the type and position of the milking system as well as facilities such as the cuddle boxes and calf pens that can serve as an infirmary, are also important. Last but not least, the entire set-up must be easy to clean, preferably with low-maintenance manure disposal systems, and the risk of injury must be kept to a minimum. In short: there should be no factors that could adversely affect the health of animals or employees in general.

Designing a cow shed is therefore not an easy task, especially if you consider the consequences of an incorrect layout and poor fittings. At Spinder we have many years of practical experience in designing, implementing and fitting out cow sheds. Our recommendations takes into account the circumstances on your farm and we also show you how smart solutions contribute to cow comfort and can reduce your tasks to a minimum. Not only do we give top priority to cow comfort, we're also serious about the farmer's comfort and convenience.

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Ideal livestock housing is perfectly suited to the needs of both the cows and the farmer. Animals must remain healthy and productive. Proper livestock housing design certainly contributes to this and also creates an efficient and pleasant working environment. Do you want to know more?

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