Spinder nieuwe kennispartner van Dairy Academy Royal A-ware

Spinder new knowledge partner of Dairy Academy Royal A-ware

9 September 2021

On Wednesday, September 1st, Spinder and Dairy Academy, the knowledge platform of Royal A-ware, signed a five-year partnership. The Frisian company Spinder is known as an expert in barn design concepts. By sharing knowledge in the field of design and layout of barns, member dairy farmers are kept up to date on smart solutions that contribute to cow comfort and farmer comfort.

Eleventh knowledge partner for Dairy Academy knowledge platform

With this partnership both parties emphasize the importance of cow comfort for a healthy and profitable herd. But not only that. COO Royal A-ware Klaas de Jong: "More cow comfort pays off. The cow feels better, performs better and has a longer life. A good barn concept also significantly reduces the number of routine tasks and provides more work satisfaction for the dairy farmer. With Spinder, Dairy Academy has a knowledge partner in its midst, with almost 50 years of experience, complementing the existing knowledge platform."

From left: Klaas de Jong (COO Royal A-ware), Anneke Jorritsma-van der Zijl (Manager Dairy Academy Royal A-ware), Rudmer Hilverda (Sales support Spinder) and Jehannes Bottema (CEO Spinder).

From small renovation to completely new barn

Dairy Academy brings the practical experiences of various dairy farms and the knowledge of Spinder about the design of barns closer together. Every dairy farmer has a different need and a different budget. CEO Jehannes Bottema sees precisely the strength of Spinder: "With our latest knowledge and expertise we can respond to specific needs. A new barn is not always necessary to increase life production. We also do many small renovations, such as adjustments that ensure optimal access to feed and water for all cows and thus reduce competition in the herd. We have a wide range of products and, together with our local dealers, can offer a total solution."

Enrichment of Dairy Academy workshop offerings

Dairy Academy's workshop offering is already being enriched this fall with a new workshop on cow comfort. Dairy Academy Manager Anneke Jorritsma-van der Zijl: "We will challenge dairy farmers to identify where cow comfort can be improved. Through analysis of timelapse images in the barn, the relationship between lying and standing of the cows becomes clear. The experts from Spinder share the latest insights with the dairy farmer concerned and give tops and tips for the barn design according to today's standards of cow comfort."