The optimal stall for your cows

Sufficient rest keeps the cow healthy

Cows must be allowed to rest as much as they want and as often as they want. This requires comfortable and dry stalls where they can lie down and stand up without any problems.

A cow without enough space to lie down puts too much strain on her feet. Cows that lie down often rest well and are healthier.

The lying time for a cow should be at least 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day if possible.


Safe and sufficient space for the cow

The ideal stall for cows therefore depends on size and shape. Correct design keeps the herd in shape.

The stall sizes are adjustable to the size of the animals. Good dimensions make the cows lie straight, so that manure enters the manure passage and the cubicle remains hygienic and dry.

This contributes to the health of your cows! In addition, the stall must be a safe place; animals from adjacent stalls must not be able to enter this area.


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