The optimal stall for your cows

Cows should be able to rest as much and as often as they want. The cow's lying time is at least twelve hours a day, fourteen hours is optimal. This requires a comfortable and dry stall where she can lie down and stand up without any problems. Proper dimensions lead to cows lying straight, so that the manure ends up in the manure alley and the cubicle remains hygienic and dry. Cow lying comfort is determined by a combination of the right freestall divider, the right matting and proper dimensioning.

The optimal stall meets the following characteristics:

  • The right shape of freestall divider
  • Optimal dimensioning; length and width of the stall, and height at the withers
  • Comfortable soft cubicle covering (matting) that provides adequate grip when standing up
  • Cubicle covering that is easy to clean and does not become slippery

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