matting: meadow mattress

Meadow Next mattress

The Meadow Next mattress is soft, making it comfortable to lie on for a long period of time. The tremendous resilience ensures that the mattress retains its flat shape.

Cows spend a large part of the day lying down (ruminating). While inside the barn, they clearly prefer cubicles with a soft matting. This manifests itself in more resting time, a better condition and ultimately more milk.

The Meadow mattress is suitable for large stock and young stock.

Super strong top mat on a roll

The thick top mat comes on rolls and are made of rubber with nylon reinforcement. The mat is completely liquid-tight and fixed on all sides. As a result, moisture and manure cannot reach underneath the top mat, which is important for hygienic reasons and for the service life of the latex foam panels. Besides, the top mat is extremely wear-resistant. 

Safely getting up and lying down

The top of the top mat is slip-resistant to give cows more grip when they get up and lie down.

Cubicle edge protection

The rear edge of the cubicle has the most to endure. That is the reason why the top mat is fixed at this location, using a solid rubber/plastic strip. Consequently, the rear edge slopes slightly towards the slats, so that moisture can drain off and the mattress can be cleaned more easily.

  • soft and resilient
  • super strong top mat on a roll
  • liquid-tight
  • abrasion-proof and slip-resistant
  • easy assembly
  • long service life
  • 10-year warranty on top mat!
  • Matting: Meadow mattress
  • Matting: Meadow mattress
  • Matting: Meadow mattress
  • Matting: Meadow mattress
  • Matting: Meadow mattress

Specifications Meadow Next mattress

The Meadow Next mattress comes in two models: 

   Large stock Young stock
Thickness  4 cm 3.3 cm
Width  185 cm 165 / 135 cm
Top mat  rubber with nylon reinforcement 4 mm, 200  cm wide  rubber with nylon reinforcement 3,2 mm, 180  cm wide
Fastening  rubber strip,  20 x 60 mm and aluminium profiles plastic strips 15 x 60 mm and aluminium profiles



  • The Meadow mattress is made of high-quality latex foam panels, wrapped in foil and covered with a rubber top mat.
  • Top mat is secured to the rear edge of the cubicle, and has a solid rubber strip around it.
  • Sloping rear edge of top mat, so the moisture can better run off toward the slats.

Easy assembly

Installing the mattress does not require professional assistance. The mattress is secured with a rubber or plastic strip to the rear edge and with an aluminium strip to the sides and front. For this purpose, masonry nails are used which, after pre-drilling, are hammered into the concrete without the need for a plug. 

Information sheet

Here you will find all the information you need with regard to the Meadow Next mattress.

Installation instructions

Installation instructions are available for the Meadow Next Mattress. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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