Spinder safety feed front for heifers and jerseys

Highline safety feed front

Safety feed front for large stock

A feed front does much more than just give access to roughage. The Spinder Highline safety feed front gives greater freedom of movement for the cow and ensures peace and quiet during feeding. In addition, a great deal of attention was paid to the safety of animals and humans, operating comfort and efficient working at herd treatments or individual treatments.

This heavy model self-locking safety feed front has a locking system that is fully integrated in the special upper section. The use of high-quality plastics results in a very light selection system, which is just about noiseless. 

The safety feed front has multiple operations. All feed openings can be opened and closed together or individually, which is an advantage for mechanised feeding techniques. The fence is completely closed before feeding. After feeding, the fence is opened, allowing the entire group to access the feed at the same time. This will prevent agitation.

...and a special model for heifers and Jerseys

Due to the lowered construction and fixed neck width of 18 cm, this feed front is most suitable for feeding heifers and dairy cows of smaller breeds such as Jerseys and Icelandic cows.

In short: A feed front with much attention to cow and human safety!

  • robust construction
  • extra-large feed opening of 42 cm
  • ear tag friendly
  • easy operation
  • height of the feed front 105 cm
  • special model for heifers and Jerseys
  • possibility of individual separation
  • Highline safety feed front
  • Highline safety feed front
  • Highline safety feed front
  • Highline safety feed front
  • Highline safety feed front

Specifications Highline

Various dimensions

The Highline feed front is available in various sections of 2 (136 cm) to 7 (495 cm) feed openings. By combining feed front sections and attachments, almost all truss sizes can be effectively filled in.

Especially for heifers and Jerseys

The Highline feed front is available in various sections of 2 (136 cm) to 5 (325 cm) feed openings with a standard feeding place width of 65 cm per stand. This gives the often large-sized Holstein heifers plenty of space. For Jersey dairy cows, a 65 cm feeding place width is required in accordance with Danish regulations.

Multiple operations

The Highline safety feed front up to about 20 meters can be operated with one handle.

The available functions include:

  1. Close the access to feed for the entire section.
  2. Release the access to feed for the entire section.
  3. Set the entire section in the locking position.
  4. Release individual animals at the touch of a black button.
  5. Leave individual animals in place by turning the flap, so not let go of the central control handle.
  6. Release the entire section


Mounting to the 2 1/2" support posts is done with the universal fasteners. It is possible to increase the length of a feed front section by 5 cm and if this is not sufficient, Spinder have longer fastening parts available.

By mounting a so-called hinge assembly, any feed front section can be turned into a rotating gate. The locking mechanism of a rotating feed front is operated separately.

Optional accessories

  • support post
  • protective sleeve
  • floor mounted support post
  • stopper
  • feed front fasteners
  • operating handle
  • hinge assembly
  • castor wheel for rotating gate


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Specifications Highline

More information

All information about the Highline safety feed front can be found in the Highline leaflet

Highline leaflet

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Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the Highline safety feed front. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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