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Model Delta-DS 206

Free stall divider Model Delta-DS 206 is especially designed for deep litter cubicles. The shape ensures proper control, irrespective of the litter level. Also, the cow's rumen is free from the cubicle.

Thanks to a layer of zinc and an additional epoxy coating on the mounting bases, the construction is more resistant to the aggressive environment of litter materials, including lime and compost. Installation is easy; mounting bases and cubicle can be assembled independently by one mechanic.

Knee bar for deep litter cubicles

Thanks to a knee bar, the cows remain in the correct lying position.


Deep litter can be very aggressive to metals; there is no known protection to prevent its effects. The degree of the effect may vary. The useful life of the metals is therefore unpredictable.

  • especially for deep litter
  • ample space when standing up and lying down due to the height of the neck bar of 130 cm
  • very large headroom and easily adjustable nose bar height
  • correct lying position thanks to the knee bar
  • easy assembly
  • also suitable for heifers
  • Delta-DS-206
  • Delta-DS 206
  • Delta-DS 206
  • Delta-DS-206
  • Delta-DS 206

Specifications model Delta-DS 206


Included in standard delivery are:

  • 2 mounting bases with epoxy coating

In addition, various accessories are available, which are required for the assembly.


The single mounting bases (wall thickness 4mm) make for easy assembly. For protection, the mounting bases come with a layer of zinc and an additional epoxy coating.

Knee bar for deep litter cubicles

A 15 or 20 cm knee bar can be used in these cubicles. This is mounted using a clamping bracket. One clamping bracket is used for every cubicle.

Waved neck bar

The waved neck bar is used to steer the cow, making her lie down and stand up straight in the cubicle.  This also makes the height of the withers adjustable.

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Specifications model Delta-DS 206

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the free stall divider model Delta-DS. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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