Spinder Arena calf pen

Arena calf pen for the right housing

A healthy start for a new-born calf


For a new-born calf, living conditions are important, especially in the first period, in order to grow into a healthy cow. Optimal housing is a must. Young calves are vulnerable. For many years, single calf pens have proved to be the best solution to prevent infection.

As well as the well-known Classic calf pen, Spinder have also introduced the Arena in their range of products. The Arena is fitted with plastic walls and floor, as well as a handy and flexible zinc front gate. 


Arena calf pens are easy to clean and easy to move!

Smooth walls make it easy to release any dirt. The floor is light and consists of a single unit, which means there is little chance of curling straw.

Important features


  • easy to remove and install
  • easy to clean
  • fitted with drainage holes


  • sturdy, plastic panels
  • with large spyholes
  • smooth outside surface

Front gate

  • robust, hot-dip galvanised
  • hinges on either side
  • unobstructed entrance
  • top is fitted with bars
  • movable bars, allowing the calf to stick its head through


  • Available in 2 sizes: 91 x 150 cm (model 91) and 101 x 160 cm (model 101)
  • for both sizes, a single (mono) and a double (stereo) version is available

  • easy to clean
  • easy to move
  • convenient and flexible front fence
  • robust and strong

Specifications Arena

The side and rear walls of the plastic calf pen form a single unit. The calf pen is fitted with a hot-dip galvanised front fence. The 4 swivel castors make it easy to move the pen. This makes the pen easy to clean at the right location.

The floor is lightweight (approx. 10 kg) and has drainage holes. The walls are 5 cm thick and have 4 spy holes of 3.5 x 35 cm each. The front gate can swing left or right, can be fitted with various bucket holders (optional) and can be locked with a simple latch.

The dimensions of the Arena calf pens are in line with the latest insights: 91 x 150 or 101 x 160.

Two versions in two sizes

  • Mono: single box
  • Stereo: two boxes paired together

  inner dimensions outer dimensions
Type 91   91 x 150 cm 101 x 155 cm
Type 101 101 x 160 cm 111 x 165 cm
Type 91   91 x 150 cm 197 x 155 cm
Type 101 101 x 160 cm 217 x 165 cm


The standard delivery consists of a single or double calf pen

Optional accessories

  • Bucket holder, hay rack, calf bucket, teat bucket, fastening set, plastic calf bowl


Installation of the Arena calf box is quick and easy. A clear installation diagram is supplied.

Specifications Arena

More information

All information about the Arena Calf pen can be found here:

Attention Catalogue

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the Arena calf pen. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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