Spinder stainless steel Pingo drinking troughs

Pingo drinking troughs

In order to produce a lot of milk, a cow must also have easy access to water and be able to drink plenty of it. This makes a Pingo drinking trough the perfect choice.

The Pingo series was developed by not just taking the cow and farmer’s needs into account, but also with its installation in mind.

Comfort for the cow 

  • Natural supply of water in a wide trough, large drinking surface.
  • No sharp edges, integrated stainless steel protective bracket on three sides. 

Convenience for the farmer

  • The drinking trough is easy to clean thanks to the sloping bottom, large outlet and handy removable plug.
  • The float is also easy to clean because of the easy-to-remove float cover.
  • No tools needed to remove the float cover.
  • The Pingo can be mounted on the wall or on the floor.

Convenient to install

  • Float can be mounted in two positions in the drinking troughs.
  • Suitable for water supply from above or below.
  • Comes with everything supplied.

Spinder offers 3 models of Pingo drinking troughs: models 100, 200 and 300. Specifically for renovation, Spinder offers the Pingo Reno; a drinking trough complete with back wall.

  • Stainless-steel version
  • Easy to clean
  • large drinking surface
  • comes as floor or wall model
  • Pingo drinking troughts from Spinder
  • Pingo Trankwännen
  • Pingo drinking trough
  • Ping drinking troughs
  • Pingo drinking troughs

Specifications Pingo drinking troughs

Various models and sizes

     Model 100 Model 200 Model 300
Size (cm) 82 x 38 182 x 38 282 x 38 
Capacity (lt.) ca. 50  ca.100  ca.150
Mounting  floor or wall mounting


Important features

  • Model 100 (122 cm long) has a capacity of   50 litres: for 12 animals.
  • Model 200 (222 cm long) has a capacity of 130 litres: for 26 animals.
  • Model 300 (322 cm long) has a capacity of 200 litres: for 40 animals.

More information

All information about the Pingo drinking troughs can be found here:

Drinking Catalogue

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the Spinder Pingo drinking troughs. Click on the link below to download the pdf file. 

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