Who we are and what we stand for

At Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts, we are proud of more than 50 years of experience in developing and producing barn equipment for the modern dairy industry. Our roots are firmly rooted in Friesland, a region of the Netherlands known for its long tradition and knowledge of dairy farming.

Since 1973, we have been committed to providing smart and reliable solutions for the housing and care of dairy cows. Our product offerings include cubicles, feed fences, cow mattresses, cow traffic gates and more. All designed to increase cow comfort, improve productivity and reduce the dairy farmer's daily workload.

Our barn equipment concepts are used by dairy farmers throughout Europe, and overseas, who rely on solid quality and smart solutions for the cow's daily activities. The Spinder sales team is at your service; with our knowledge and experience, we are happy to help you with advice, and products that function for decades without any problems.

Spinder since 1973


What began as a metal workshop soon became a factory and developed into a leading manufacturing company with a complete range of products for the modern dairy farm.

The first self-closing feed fence with bottom locking mechanism. Comfort for farmer and cow.

The first printed product catalogue from Spinder was published in 1981. Spinder presents the freestanding freestall divider. A new freestall divider with clamps that are mounted to a support post at the front of the cubicle.
The number of free-standing freestall dividers increases. Spinder takes a fully automatic bending machine into operation The safety feed fence offers more comfort and safety for the cow, and even more ease of use for the farmer Spinder presents the Alanta waterbed for cows. Comfort from the pasture, in the barn; the rubber mat is replaced by a mattress with a rubber topcover.
Spinder introduces PE rope as a cow-friendly (and farmerfriendly) alternative to chain or steel cable for pulling the manure scraper. The complexity of the product and the flexibility desired by the customer increases. Spinder invests in a fully automatic laser tube cutting machine. Replacing the straight neckbar with a waved neck bar gives the cow more space when lying down and standing up and has a guiding effect on the cow. She lies straight in the cubicle. More comfort for the cow and cleaner stalls for the farmer. At Eurotier 2016, Spinder wins the Innovation Award with the Cuddlebox. The Cuddlebox provides optimal conditions during calving for cow, calf and farmer.
Dual Waterbeds provide additional knee comfort for the cow and are the ideal solution for both the cow and the dairy farmer: optimal cow comfort, savings in labor and bedding, and thus low annual costs. Spinder relocates from Harkema to a new factory building in Drachten.

Spinder launches online sales of barn equipment for dairy farmers. 24/7 ordering convenience. www.spindershop.com

Animal-friendly, flexible and durable. Spinder’s flexible Fitbox takes cow comfort to a new level. The first Spinder cubicle made of fiberglass, instead of iron.


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