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20 January 2022

Spinder has released a new leaflet. Read about the benefits of comfort here.

Leaflet I farm

Space creates cow comfort and facilitates production
It’s not just the farms that are getting bigger; so are the cows! Housing must grow along with the animals. Cow comfort is strongly determined by the space that the barn offers the animals. Each animal has a comfortable bed, with enough room to lie down and stand up easily, walking space to move easily, and an accommodating feeding place.

A happy, healthy cow in top condition produces more milk. That's why investing in a comfortable, safe and clean living environment for your cows is an investment that always pays off. In animal welfare and in production. The Spinder housing concepts offer comfort. 

At Spinder, we have many years of practical experience in designing, realizing and furnishing barns. In our advice, we take into account the circumstances of your farm and show you how smart solutions contribute to cow comfort and reduce your tasks to a minimum. Not only cow comfort is our top priority, we also take the comfort of the farmer very seriously.

Nico Vreeburg and Berjan Westerlaan (Vetvice: 

“The better laid out a barn is, the smaller the differences become between the best cows and the rest of the herd.”

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