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Dual waterbed makes the cow 'float'

The waterbed makes the cow 'float' on the water layer, so the weight of the animal is evenly distributed. This prevents the formation of pressure points and prevents bare and swollen heels.

Customer reference dual waterbedThe Dual waterbeds have a separation between the front (knee) and the rear (belly/heel) water compartments. This gives the Dual waterbeds extra knee comfort. Dual waterbeds are suitable for all types of freestall divider. The mattresses are supplied on rolls and rolled into the barn, after which they are anchored and filled with water.

Hygienic and less labour intensive

Thanks to the shape of the Dual waterbed, urine and possibly the leaked milk will run off the waterbed. This will strongly reduce the infection pressure and consequently minimise the risk of Mastitis. Since the cubicle bed remains all but dry, the savings on litter will be considerable. Less litter and less labour will substantially reduce the costs.

The difference with the Single Waterbed is that the Dual Waterbed consists of two compartments and therefore provides extra comfort for the cow's knees.

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  • available for various stall widths
  • standard length is 183 cm
  • two filling points: one at the front and one at the back
  • the PE knee bar allows you to set the cubicle length to suit the herd
  • 5-year full and 5-year reducing guarantee
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  • Dual waterbeds
  • Dual waterbeds



In both renovation and new construction projects, all types of floating cubicle separations can be used in combination with the Dual waterbed. Suits stall widths of 110, 112.5, 115, 120 and 125 cm.

Dual waterbeds can also be mounted in the tie-up cow house without the need for changing your livestock housing.

Correct positioning

The correct positioning of the knee bar in combination with the neck bar is very important for the best position of the cow. This will also keep the stalls cleaner. In addition, this prevents the so-called slouching in the cubicle, that means the cow standing with her front legs in the cubicle and her hind legs on the manure passage, because the cow dares to lie down and can easily get up again.


  • 2 stainless-steel end profiles, to go with the 183 cm waterbed
  • the number of aluminium profiles required at the front
  • the number of stainless-steel masonry nails required
  • the number of stainless-steel filler neck sealing sets required

Accessories per project

  • dinking punch 12 mm
  • complete filler set, consisting of filler piece, ball valve and water meter


  • stainless-steel end profile to go with the 183 cm waterbed
  • knee bar PE 125

More information can be found in the resting catalogue

More information

All information with regards to the Dual waterbed can be found in our leaflets: 

Leaflet waterbeds

DLG test results 

Or view the Dual waterbed product video:

Installation instructions

Easy to install in almost any barn

The Dual Waterbed is easy to install and fits in just about any barn. The waterbeds are supplied on rolls from which the required number is cut off. After unrolling, the mat is fixed to the two ends with stainless steel strips and special stainless-steel concrete nails. At the front, the mat is fixed with aluminium profiles and again with the special stainless-steel concrete nails. After that, each waterbed is individually filled with water and is then ready for use.

Installation instructions Dual Waterbeds

A mounting instruction is available for installing the Dual waterbed. Click on the link below to download the pdf.

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