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Meadow Vista cow mattress

The Meadow Vista cow mattress has foam sheets that are soft. They naturally conform to the cow's body. The sheets are also resilient; after the cow stands up, the mattress returns to its original flat shape. This provides years of comfort. 

The Meadow Vista type has a flat latex foam sheet with a thickness of 4 cm. The Meadow Vista is available for cows and young stock.

Rubber top cover: stretch-free and hard-wearing

The 4 mm thick top cover has a strong nylon reinforcement. This prevents the top cover from stretching over time. The rubber is delivered on the roll, and can be pulled seamlessly over the mattressess. The rubber top cover is secured to the concrete floor on all 4 sides

  • 4cm thick latex foam sheet: soft, resilient and comfortable
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Durable
  • 10-year decreasing warranty on the top cover
  • Meadow Vista - 4,4 vlakke latex koematras met rubber toplaag

Specifications Meadow Vista cow mattress

De Meadow Vista koematras is zowel voor grootvee als voor jongvee verkrijgbaar: 

   Cows Youngstock
Thick  4,4 cm 3,3 cm
Wide  185 cm 165 / 135 cm
Top Cover  rubber with nylon reinforcement 4 mm rubber with nylon reinforcement 3,2 mm
Fastening rubber strip,  20 x 60 mm and aluminium profiles plastic strips 15 x 60 mm and aluminium profiles



  • The Meadow cow mattress is made of high-quality latex foam plates, wrapped in foil and covered with a rubber top mat.
  • Top mat is secured to the rear edge of the cubicle, and has a solid rubber strip around it.

Easy assembly

Installing the cow mattress does not require professional assistance. The mattress is secured with a rubber or plastic strip to the rear edge and with an aluminium strip to the sides and front. For this purpose, masonry nails are used which, after pre-drilling, are hammered into the concrete without the need for a plug. 


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