Spinder product catalogue

Spinder devotes a lot of time and attention to its product catalogues in order to provide you with the right information. All the facts, dimensions, models and inspiration you need to make the right selection can be found below for each category.

For technical drawings and manuals and publications please refer to the relevant page.

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Complete Spinder Product catalogus

Product catalogues divided per category

Product catalogue Resting

Product catalogue Resting

• Free stall divider
• Matting

Brochure Eating

Product catalogue Eating

Feed front:

  • Highline
  • Baseline
  • Limoline
  • Openline
  • Palisadeline
  • Diagonal 
  • Feed fence accessories
Product catalogue Drinking

Product catalogue Drinking

• Pingo bulk drinking troughs
• Classic bulk drinking troughs
• Bulk drinking troughs, model F
• Individual drinking troughs
• Drinking bowls
• Water circulation pump units

Product catalogue Cow traffic

Product catalogue Cow traffic

• Automated draw gates: Autolift
• Draw gates: Heavy duty Lift
• Barrier gates
• One way gates: texas gate, Pasture gate, Topgate
• Telescopic gates: Slider
• Partition barriers


Product catalogue Attention

Product catalogue Attention

• Cuddle box
• Arena calf pen
• Cow brushes
• Bull penn


Brochure Manure disposal

Product catalogue Manure disposal

• Manure scrapers
• Control boxes
• Manure mixers

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