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Plenty of fresh and clean water

A cow drinks large amounts of water; after all, about 88% of milk is water, while manure also consists largely of water. 120 litres of water a day is a reasonable average. A cow also drinks quickly; all those litres go down in less than no time. The animals are particularly thirsty immediately after milking.

This means that sufficient water must be available in the barn, with a fast supply of fresh water. Preferably 40 litres of water per minute!

Proper water supply can be provided with drinking troughs Classic or Pingo and/or valve trough drinker (individual drinking troughs). A bulk drinking trough is most suitable for providing many cows with clean drinking water in a short period of time. Rule of thumb is 7 cm of bulk drinking trough length per cow and 20 animals per quick drinker.

It is important for the drinking water to be clean; therefore, the drinking troughs must be easy to clean. A heating element can be used to prevent ice formation in winter, with a circulation pump system, if necessary.

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For all these reasons, Spinder carries an extensive range of drinking troughs, ranging from small enamelled drinking bowls to small and large stainless-steel models.

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