Spinder's five promises

Comfort for the cow

A happy, healthy cow in good condition performs better. Cow comfort is created by everything that determines the cow's living conditions. The Spinder concepts contribute to a longer life for the animals; more lactations - better returns!

We at Spinder have been talking with cows since 1973, and have experienced the evolution towards today's larger, modern cows that eat large amounts of food and give large amounts of milk. Our insights, and through them our products, followed this development.

The free stall divider gives the cow space to lie down and stand up in a natural way, while the cubicle matting provides a soft but grippy surface. Our feed fences give the animals space to eat undisturbed and unhindered.

All our products are in detail designed on cow-friendliness; no sharp edges and no protrusions. Ear tags should not tear, heels should not become bare and collars should not get caught! In this way, the animals can remain productive for a long time.


Comfort for the farmer

Well-performing cows, and achieving this through handy and safe work practices. Every day again. This means ease of use for the dairy farmer. Low annual costs give financial comfort (return!).

Our Spinder engineers ask themselves: how can our customers do their work thoroughly and efficiently? The answer is in the typical Spinder products; just a little smarter, just a little sturdier than the rest. Just take a look at the many operating functions of our top model feed fence; everything easy to operate, no external parts needed and safe for your fingers.

Even though the initial investment in Spinder products may be slightly higher, the total annual expenditures are lower and that make them financially more attractive.

Comfort for the dairy farmer!

Made in Holland

Spinder have been active in livestock housing since 1973 and came into being when free stall systems became popular. Logically in the province of Friesland, the origin of many developments in dairy farming. And even in this day and age we develop, test and manufacture our products in this province.

Many of our employees grew up on a farm; they know the daily routines and are able to translate these into meaningful and innovative concepts. This is how we maintain our products and look to the future.

Our products are easy to assemble and provide many years of operational reliability. Spinder distinguishes themselves by using extra strong constructions. One example: our fixing clamps are made of thicker steel, making them the strongest on the market.

We manufacture in our own factory and combine extremely solid quality craftsmanship with innovative techniques.

Our international network of dairy farmers, dealers, suppliers and institutes connects us to markets and technologies; and allows us to acquire knowledge worldwide.


Spinder also offers customised solutions based on individual customer demand. Our engineers first draw up a detailed plan, which is presented to the customer for their approval. Once it meets all the customer's requirements, work will begin in our factory. So, non-standard sizes and shapes do not have to be a problem and can be delivered in a matter of weeks.

For example, from time to time, Spinder makes feed fences of specific lengths to fit in with existing barns. If none of the cow traffic gates from our range are suitable, we can supply a made-to-measure gate instead.

Nearby & fast service

A network of international dealers sells, assembles and maintains the Spinder products, also in your region!

Through documentation and training, our dealers are staying up-to-date with the latest insights. In this way, they can empathise with your circumstances to draw up a plan together with you, determine the right layout, plan assembly and carry out maintenance if necessary.

Dealers have essential parts in stock and are regularly replenished from the large Spinder supply store. Spinder products are delivered directly to the customer, if so desired. Spinder deliveries are praised for their completeness and reliability.

Nearby means a quick completion!

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