Spinder feed front accessories

Feed front accessories

Hinge assembly

A hinge assembly is used when a feed front has to be rotatable. A hinge assembly can also be used to turn a fixed gate into a rotating gate.

A hinge assembly consists of a set of feed front fasteners, a hinge pin, 2 suspension straps and a set of quick release fasteners. Self-locking feed fronts and safety feed fronts come also with an operating handle.

Castor wheel

A castor wheel is used for rotating feed fronts longer than 2 metres, including mounting plate and wire brackets.

Individual "Indivast" locking mechanism

Indivast allows you to individually secure the cows in the feed front. That simplifies insemination procedures or other treatments. The Indivast has two recesses in the metal that is clamped around the catching bar and the frame. Locking is simply done by placing the Indivast at an angle perpendicular to the lower bar in the feed front and then twisting it a quarter of a turn. After which a little force is used to press it to the bottom of the feed front. It will then rest in a horizontal position on the lower bar.

Foldable head bar support

The head bar support prevents the animals from throwing the roughage up in the air. The head bar is foldable, so there is no problem with space in the feed alley. To be fitted on self-closing feed fronts with hidden locking mechanism, and on safety feed fronts. A minimum of 2 head bar supports are to be fitted on each bar of max. 6 m in length.

Man passage clip

The man passage clip creates a handy passage in a row of feed fronts. Suits all types of feed fronts for young cattle, heifers and large stock.

  • Individual 'indivast' locking mechanism
  • Individual locking mechanism Indivast for self-locking feed front
  • Man passage clips
  • Folding head bar
  • Castor wheel

Information sheet

Here you will find all the information you need with regard to feed front accessories.

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the feed front accessories. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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