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The company BUC has been active in dairy farming since 1999. It started with the distribution of udder paper towels and farming practices advice aimed at mastitis prevention. The company has a great deal of practical knowledge of virtually all facets of dairy farming. This is very important for giving the right advice as many factors on a dairy farm are interlinked.

BUC in Europe

BUC became the distributor of Dual Waterbeds in Europe in 2008. Since its takeover by Spinder in 2017, the sales have been handled by the Spinder dealers, but supported by Henk van Dijken. The Dual waterbeds are sold by dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, England, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

To date, there are already more than 75,000 cows on BUC waterbeds. This means there's is a good chance that there are also cows enjoying BUC waterbeds in your neighbourhood. If you would like to see our products being used on a farm, don't hesitate to contact us.

Brochure: BUC Waterbed

The benefits are:

  • reduced need for litter
  • less labour
  • cleaner cubicle bed
  • lowers the risk of mastitis and a high cell count
  • helps prevent health problems
  • BUC waterbeds
  • BUC waterbeds
  • BUC waterbeds
  • BUC waterbeds