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Safe feed fronts for your cows

Cows must eat a large amount (an unlimited amount) of roughage to produce a large amount of milk. That is the reason why cows may walk to the roughage around ten times a day and spend some 6 hours at the feed front for an intake of 30 to 50 kilograms. This may vary, depending on the production purpose, the quality of the roughage and the feeding system.

So, it happens at the feed front: access to the roughage. The feeding place width to match the modern cow has grown to 70 cm, sometimes as much as 75 cm per cow. The cow should not experience pressure points or sharp parts, and ear tags may not be ripped out.

It's about the quality of the feed fronts!

A feed front is an important tool in dealing with the herd; securing and releasing, in groups or individually. This must be done safely and simply with as little force and as few actions as possible. Securing must be reliable and, if so desired, cows must be able to secure themselves.

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Spinder supplies various models of feed fronts; from very elaborate fronts with a safety function to simple ones. A feed front with no securing function is another option.

The feeding place width and fence width come in various sizes. This makes it possible to meet the demands from the dairy farmer, the type of cow and the size of the building.

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