Bulk drinking troughs, model F prevents water for freezing in freestall systems

Bulk drinking troughs, model F

Frost in open freestall systems may occur in colder regions, but cows must still be able to drink. For these circumstances Spinder offers bulk drinking troughs, model F. This model can be fitted with frost protection. 

This frost protection consists of: 

  • a heating element mounted  under the drinking troughs. It gives frost protection up to approx. -20°C.
  • heating of the supply line by coiling a thermocable around it. 

Suitable for:

  • wall mounting
  • floor mounting with a leg set


  • possibility of adding a low-pressure float
  • side connection for water supply
  • cover plate can be used to conceal the connecting pipes


  • stainless-steel version
  • Floor or wall model
  • Easy to clean, because of rounded corners and sloping bottom
  • Bulk drinking troughs, model F prevents water against freezing in open freestall systems

Specifications bulk drinking troughs, model F

Various models and sizes

Model F  F 140 F 190 F 230 F 285 
Length (cm) 140 190 230 285
Width (cm) 47 47 47 47
Capacity (lt.) 100 130 160 200
Mounting floor or wall mounting    
Drinking height 90 cm top of the drinking troughs  

Optional accessories 

  • set of 4 support posts
  • low pressure float
  • cover plate for connecting pipes

More information

In the following information sheet, you will find all the information you need with regard to bulk drinking troughs, model F.

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