Spinder Studded mat

Studded mat for excellent lying comfort

The rubber studded mat is a very resilient and durable matting. Due to its spring effect, this type of mat gives excellent lying comfort.

The studded mat is made of flexible rubber with a closed structure. This structure makes it hard for dirt to stick to the mat, and the mat can be cleaned quickly. The fabric reinforcement in the studded mat provides a stable and solid cubicle mat.

This mattress suits almost any free stall dividers.

  • durable
  • permanently flexible
  • non-slip
  • cut off the roll at the size required
  • studded mat
  • studded mat
  • studded mat on roll
  • studded mat
  • studded mat

Specifications Studded mat

The studded mat is available in two widths: 160 and 180 cm. The thickness is 18 mm. The mats are available by the roll or cut to size. 
The roll has a maximum length of 60 m. 

Optional accessories

  • fastening profile along the top, complete with fastening screws
  • fastening profile for side, 150 cm long for 160 cm mat width and 175 long for 180 cm mat width, complete with fastening screws


More information about the studded mat can be found in our resting catalogue

Specifications Studded mat

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