Spinder Vetvice Sandcubicle

Model Vetvice Sandcubicle

Model Vetvice Sandcubicle: specifically designed for sand bedding

The Spinder Vetvice Sandcubicle is specificallly designed for use in sand bedding, in cooperation with the specialists from Vetvice Barn Design Consultancy.

The shape of the cubicle divider creates the possibility to mechanically level the cubicles every now and then, making the sand cubicles also comfortable for the farmer as well. The Spinder Vetvice Sandcubicle can be used for cubicles with a width of 120 cm or more (centre to centre) and is assembled including a matching waved neckbar and head rail/strap.

For this cubicle divider a net cubicle length of 185 cm is recommended. As standard, it is advised to place the top of the knee rail a maximum of 8 cm higher than the rear edge. An adjustable knee rail ensures tailoring to your dairy herd.

  • Specifically designed for sand bedding
  • Good guiding characteristics
  • Large clearance under the cubicle divider allows for mechanical levelling
  • Height adjustable; optimal adjustment possibilities
  • Vetvice Sandcubicle - mechanical levelling possible
  • Vetvice Sandcubicle - good guiding characteristics
  • Vetvice Sandcubicle - barn overview
  • Vetvice Sandcubicle

Specifications model Vetvice Sandcubicle


The Vetvice Sandcubicle model is available in various sizes for both single and double stall decks:

  • Model Vetvice Sandcubicle 218 - for stall floor >250 cm
  • Model Vetvice Sandcubicle 208 - for stall floor 240 cm
  • Model Vetvice Sandcubicle 193 - for stall floor 190 cm
  • Model Vetvice Sandcubicle 238/238 - for stall floor 520 cm
  • Model Vetvice Sandcubicle 228/228 - for stall floor 500 cm
  • Model Vetvice Sandcubicle 218/218 - for stall floor 480 cm
  • Model Vetvice Sandcubicle 208/208 - for stall floor 460 cm
  • Model Vetvice Sandcubicle 193/208 - for stall floor 445 cm



Model Vetvice Sandcubicle is mounted on 76mm support posts.


Standard delivery includes:

  • divider plus clamps for attachment to 76 mm support post

In addition, various accessories are available which are necessary for mounting.

The waved neck bar can also be used to steer the cow straight into the cubicle. A knee rail ensures a correct lying position.. 

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Specifications model Vetvice Sandcubicle

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