50 years Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts: €10,000 donated to De Boer op Noord

5 September 2023

In honor of their 50th anniversary, Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts presented a donation of 10,000 euros to the De Boer op Noord Foundation. This donation underlines the importance Spinder sees in the educational work of the foundation: introducing children to the farm and the origin of our food.

With "head, heart and hands", the De Boer op Noord Foundation is committed to educational visits to dairy, arable and suckler cow farms in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. The foundation aims to allow elementary school, Special Education and Secondary School students to visit a farm at least once, so that they can reconnect with the origin of their food. Thanks to this donation, De Boer op Noord can further expand its educational programs and offer even more children this unique experience.

"It is important that people realize that healthy food is not made in a factory," said Jehannes Bottema, director of Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts. "Real food originates on the farm. In the Netherlands, we lead the way in food quality and animal welfare, and it is important that consumers realize this."

Earlier this summer, Spinder hosted several celebrations in honor of their 50th anniversary, including a VIP event for dealers and suppliers, and an open house where interested people could take a look at the factory. During these events there was also a focus on the charity "De Boer op Noord. The donations from guests and Spinder staff members were supplemented by the company to a total of 10,000 euros.

"This anniversary was for us a moment of looking back, but above all of looking forward. By supporting 'De Boer op Noord,' we are contributing to a future in which we all have a stronger connection to agriculture and the origins of our food," said Jehannes Bottema of Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts.