Spinder cuddle box

Cuddle box for optimum calving

A new-born calf is the future of your livestock and a newly calved cow is the start of a new lactation.

The Spinder Cuddle Box creates the optimum conditions for this important first phase: for the farmer, for the cow and for the calf. Handy, safe, smooth, hygienic and stress-free handling around the entire calving process.

For the development of the Cuddle box, Spinder worked together with Vetvice: a team of veterinarians who strive for maximum welfare and health of animals and humans.


  • The Cuddle box gives a hygienic, dry and draught-free lying place for the new-born calf.
  • The cow can lick her calf, which has a stimulating effect and prevents the calf from cooling down.
  • In the separate calf section, giving colostrum to the calf is a breeze.
  • The calf cannot wander around and can easily be relocated to another pen.

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  • hygienic
  • easy operation by one person
  • immediate feed intake after calving
  • handy colostrum milking
  • dry-licked calf develops better
  • Spinder cuddle-box
  • Spinder cuddle-box
  • Spinder cuddle-box
  • Spinder cuddle-box
  • Spinder cuddle-box

Specifications Cuddle box

The Cuddle box consists of two sections: a cow section and calf section.

  • The calf section consists of light, easy-to-clean and removable plastic panels.
  • The cow stands in a catcher gate with extendable and rotatable side gates, which can be easily closed off by the dairy farmer.
  • Preferably, the cuddle box is placed on the side of the straw-bedded pen.

Parts of the Cuddle box

  • catcher gate / feed front
  • posts
  • fasteners
  • extendable side gates
  • plastic panels

Cuddle box accessories

  • support post
  • guard
  • anchor bolts
Specifications Cuddle box

More information

All information about the Cuddle box can be found here:

Attention Catalogue

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the Cuddle box. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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