Spinder Pingo renovation drinking trough

Pingo Reno drinking trough

Many old drinking troughs, which are difficult to clean, are still in use. Replacing these water troughs, and offering extra water in existing barns is made easy with the Spinder Pingo Reno

With the Pingo Reno, placing additional watertroughs in an existing barn is basically always possible. Even if there are no concrete end walls available. The Spinder Reno is a complete set with plastic (cubicle)wall to the floor, which can be placed both on the slats and on the cubicle deck. The plastic wall ensures that it remains dry behind the drinking trough. This means that it can be placed almost anywhere in the barn, even in the feed fence line or next to feeding station. 

The Pingo Reno combines all the advantages of the Pingo drinking trough with plug-and-play installation in existing barns. Available in models 100, 200 and 300.

  • Pingo drinking trough and cubicle wall in a complete set
  • Plastic cubicle wall to floor, replaces concrete end wall
  • No water spillage in the cubicles
  • Can be fitted on the slats and on the cubicle deck
  • Pingo Reno installed next to the cubicle row
  • Pingo Reno installed next to the feeding station
  • Pingo Reno pre-assembly outside the barn

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Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the Spinder Pingo Reno. Click on the link below to download the pdf file. 

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