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Slatted floor scraper for low-emission floors

The scraper is the heart of the slatted floor scraper unit and determines the final scraping results. The Spinder slatted floor scraper has a modular structure. From a basic frame, a suitable scraper can be assembled for each type of slatted floor - with or without a rubber top layer - and for each dung passage.

Spinder carry two models of slatted floor scrapers in their product range:


Slatted floor scraper with two star wheels

Slatted floor scraper fitted with two special rubber star wheels on the sides of the slatted floor scraper to get around standpipes of e.g. the feed front, water mains, etc.

Slatted floor scraper with one star wheel

From the point of view of animal welfare, it would be recommended to apply a 50 cm shorter slatted floor scraper with one rubber star wheel on the side between the cubicle floor and the feeding passage.

Important features

  • suitable for slatted floors with or without a rubber top layer
  • wear-resistant rubber strip for optimum cleaning of the slatted floor.
  • hardly any protruding parts
  • precise depth setting

Various widths

  • up to 200 cm
  • 201 - 250 cm
  • 251 - 300 cm
  • 301 - 350 cm
  • 351 - 400 cm

  • developed for slatted floors
  • optimal guidance through star wheels
  • suitable for low-emission floors
  • fully hot-dip galvanised
  • Spinder slatted floor scrapers
  • Spinder slatted floor scrapers
  • Spinder slatted floor scrapers
  • Spinder slatted floor scrapers
  • Spinder slatted floor scrapers

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Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for Manure scraper accessories. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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