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Combi-scraper for solid and slotted floors

On solid floors, it is extremely important to quickly dispose of the manure. Frequent scraping keeps the passages clean and prevents slipping. Quickly removing the manure will also reduce ammonia emissions. 


Combi-scraper for solid floor

The Spinder Combi-scraper has been specially developed for solid floors with or without slots or a rubber top layer.

Important features

  • solid, completely galvanised and therefore suitable for intensive use
  • suitable for solid floors with or without slots or rubber top layer
  • moves the manure to one side of the barn
  • valves below the scraper open automatically in a return movement
  • helps to reduce ammonia emissions
  • can be used in combination with slurry slats and/or discharge pit(s).
  • for passage widths of 200 - 250, 251 - 300, 301 - 350 and 351 - 400 cm 
Combischuif sleufvleur   

Combi-scraper for slotted floor

The floor has slots running parallel to the floor passage. The slots separate urine and manure, resulting in lower emissions. The slots are cleaned by the tines of the combi-scraper.

 Important features

  • the heavy scraper blades make for a clean result
  • fitted with wear-resistant slides
  • the hinged side blades clean the stall edges and sides.
  • with movable, removable side flaps to compensate for unevenness
  • different sizes and versions possible.
  • for passage widths of 200 - 220 - 250 - 275 - 300 - 325 - 350 - 375 - 400 cm

  • adaptable to passage width and floor type
  • developed for solid floors
  • cleaning hinged side blades
  • easy maintenance
  • Combi-scrapers
  • Combi-scrapers
  • Combi-scrapers
  • Combi-scrapers

More information

All information about the manure scrapers can be found here:

Manure Disposal Catalogue

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for Manure scraper accessories. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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