Spinder rope-driven manure scraper
Manure scrapers

Manure scrapers: rope-driven

Spinder carry a manure-scraper unit, consisting of two drive units with drum drive, a number of plastic corner wheels and one or more scrapers that are driven by Spinder PE rope. A very animal-friendly and low-maintenance manure scraper unit to keeps the floors clean and dry. Spinder offer a suitable solution for every free stall, even with uneven passage lengths.

Important features

  • system consists of two drive units
  • installation directly on the floor or on the console
  • heavy and robust construction
  • hot-dip galvanised frame with winding drum and motor reductor
  • Spinder PE rope is 8 or 10 mm thick, made of plastic with tensile strength of 6000 or 9000 kg respectively.
  • low-maintenance plastic corner wheels
  • standard fitted with digital timer, frost protection and emergency stop
  • the drive can be placed both inside and outside the barn
  • most suitable for an odd number of manure alley.

  • cleaner passages and cleaner livestock
  • cleaner cubicles and fewer hoof problems
  • less sawdust or straw required
  • suitable for combi-scraper and slatted floor scraper
  • milking more hygienically and faster with cleaner cows

Specifications rope-driven manure scraper

Drive units

  • drive unit 0.55 kW or 0.75 kW on console, incl. reel
  • drive unit 0.55 kW or 0.75 kW for mounting directly onto floor

For mounting

  • mounting set for drive unit mounting on slatted or concrete floor
  • corner wheel, complete, mounting on slatted or concrete floor
  • end stop for mounting on slatted or concrete floor
  • electronic control box, type Comfort or Basic
  • main switch
  • Spinder PE rope 8 mm or 10 mm

Information sheet

Here you will find all the information you need with regard to the Rope-driven manure scrapers.


An installation manual is available for Manure scraper accessories. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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