The Spinder cow at its new place in Drachten

Relocation of artwork ends relocation of Spinder DHC

2 September 2020

Relocation of personnel-made artwork symbolically ends relocation of Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts

The long period of preparation, construction and relocation of Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts came to a symbolic end on September 1st 2020; the personnel-made work of art – a cow made of cortensteel – now stands proudly in the lawn of the new location in Drachten.

In summer 2018 the first pile of the almost 20.000 m2 new accommodation for Spinder, at the Azeven Noord industrial complex in Drachten, was driven. A year later, the construction was finished to the extent that relocation could be started. In two weeks no fewer than 100 trucks full of products were brought from Harkema to Drachten. After the summer holidays 2019 all deliveries originated from the new location.

In the months that followed a phased relocation of the production machines was planned. “The aim of this phased relocation was to limit the inconvenience for our customers,” says CEO Jehannes Bottema. “And we succeeded. Business operations have been able to continue according to plan.” The relocation of the artwork cow marks the end of this timeframe.

The artwork was presented by Spinder personnel to the company in 2013 in honor of Spinder’s 40th anniversary. The cortensteel cow was designed by personnel and executed entirely in-house. Since the summer of 2013 she has stood in the front yard of the company in Harkema so that management, personnel and passers-by could see her.

The artworkcow is a very successful project, as evidenced by the response of the Art foundation (Keunstkrite). “This artwork is almost a statement. It’s about the relationship between people, about work that matters and that is more than just in income. This is very special at a time when working relationships are often under pressure, mostly due to economic developments.”

The artwork is now proudly displayed at the main entrance on the Zeppelinlaan in Drachten for every visitor to see.

  • The Spinder cow is excavated in Harkema.
  • Through the sky!
  •  There she goes.
  • At her new place!