Model Comfort-NG for large stock

Model Comfort-NG

Model Comfort-NG for large stock

The familiar Spinder model Comfort to suit today's requirements (larger animals). This model has much space in the front, which is especially important when getting up. The well-known Spinder curl also makes sure the cows are properly lying in this cubicle, with the wave-shaped neck bar model being the pinnacle.

For this model, two assembling options are available:

1. To support posts
One support post is placed for each free stall divider. This is a very solid construction.

2. To horizontal bars
In this situation, horizontal bars are attached to support posts (one for every two cubicles), and the free stall dividers are attached to the horizontal bars. This ensures maximum flexibility in placement, and fewer support posts are required.

Model Comfort for young stock

Heifers and young animals form the future of the herd on your farm. For that reason, proper care is of utmost importance. Dairy farms working with cubicle systems for all age groups are achieving better results. The animals' adaptation to dry, well-designed stalls with comfortable free stall dividers is a determining factor for the development of these animals.

  • always the right dimensions
  • can be combined with almost any type of matting
  • width and height are adjustable if horizontal bars are being used
  • lying freely and unobstructed thanks to the special divider shape
  • Model Comfort on support posts
  • Model Comfort on support posts
  • Model Comfort for young stock
  • Model Comfort on bars
  • Model Comfort for young stock

Specifications model Comfort-NG

Various dimensions

Comfort-NG for large stock: 218 / 208 / 193 cm for various cubicle floors from 220 cm to 500 cm (dual cubicle floor).

Waved neck bar

The  waved neck bar is used to steer the cow, making her lie down and stand up straight in the cubicle. This also makes the height of the withers adjustable.


Included in standard delivery are:

  • mounting support piece and T-clamp

In addition, various accessories are available, which are required for the assembly.

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Specifications model Comfort-NG

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the free stall divider model Comfort. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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