Quality, made in Holland, knowledge

Spinder have been active in livestock housing since 1973 and came into being when free stall systems became popular. Logically in the province of Friesland, the origin of many developments in dairy farming. And even in this day and age we develop, test and manufacture our products in this province.

Many of our employees grew up on a farm; they know the daily routines and are able to translate these into meaningful and innovative concepts. This is how we maintain our products and look to the future.

Our products are easy to assemble and provide many years of operational reliability. Spinder distinguishes themselves by using extra strong constructions. One example: our fixing clamps are made of thicker steel, making them the strongest on the market.

We manufacture in our own factory and combine extremely solid quality craftsmanship with innovative techniques.

Our international network of dairy farmers, dealers, suppliers and institutes connects us to markets and technologies; and allows us to acquire knowledge worldwide.