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The ideal stall for cows depends on their size and shape. Correct design keeps the herd in shape. The cubicle sizes are adjustable to the shape of the animals. Good dimensions make the cows lie straight, so that manure enters the manure passage and the box remains hygienic and dry. The cubicle should also be a safe place.

Spinder products are known for a number of unique properties to meet these requirements.



Spinder curl

Lying down and standing up must be possible freely and without hindrance. The shape of the divider - the Spinder curl - directs the cow into the cubicle and makes sure she lies down straight. The curl gives support, prevents pressure points and prevents animals from lying under the cubicle and hurting one another.

The Spinder curl ensures the cow is lying in the right place!





Spinder clamp

Spinder use their own clamps for attaching the free stall divider. These clamps are made of thick steel - extremely strong - and will not come loose for years to come. Besides, the clamps are easy to use. Old-fashioned sound quality!  

Spinder clamps: extremely strong! 

Correct dimensions

A distinctive value of Spinder is their ability to offer made-to-measure products; customised work, based on the requirements of the dairy farmer. We work with in-house engineers who translate your requirements into an executable plan and make a drawing that our production team can work with. So, non-standard sizes and shapes do not have to be a problem and can be delivered within a few weeks. 



Various dimensions

Of course, all our standard products, such as model Profit, are available in various sizes, so we can always come up with the right solution in your situation.

Spinder can deliver various sizes of free stall dividers, based on the wishes of both the cows and the dairy farmer!

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