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Waved neck bar

Cows have grown bigger in recent decades; a waved neck bar makes good use of the space in the cubicle and guides the animal when standing up and lying down. This reduces the amount of manure entering the cubicles. This is cleaner and drier for the animals, and it means less work for the dairy farmer. Many cubicles are actually too small for today's large cows. Through its shape, the attachment point of the waved neck bar lies further to the back; that makes the overall cubicle construction more stable and stronger.

Important features

  • the waved neck bar allows the variable adjustment in a diagonal manner
  • the neck bar can be moved back; more stability
  • can be universally used for any type of free stall divider
  • steering effect, the cow is forced to stand up straight in the cubicle

Knee bar

A plastic (PE) knee bar is the solution for preventing the cows from coming too far forward in the cubicle. The knee bar determines the floor length of the cubicle to make enough space for the cows to stand up and not injure themselves. The correct cubicle length also prevents the dropping of manure in the cubicle. Cows can extend their front legs undisturbed up to a knee bar height of 150-160 mm.

Important features

  • many years of service life thanks to permanent flexibility
  • the round shape prevents the cow's front leg from being squeezed off
  • provides extra rigidity when fitted with a knee bar support to the free stall divider.
  • can be used with all types of matting
  • adjustable when fitted with knee bar support to the free stall divider
  • Waved neck bar
  • Spinder waved neck bar and knee bar
  • wave necked bar clamp
  • Waved neck bar
  • Knee bar

Specifications cubicle accessories

Polyethylene (PE) knee bar

The PE125 knee bar can be attached to most free stall divider models using a knee bar support, allowing adjustment also after installation. In addition, in this way the knee bar gives extra strength to the free stall divider. The knee bar can also be mounted directly onto the cubicle floor.

  • 125 or 160 mm in diameter
  • 6 m long
  • very robust: 7.4 - 9.5 mm wall thickness
  • optional: knee bar support

Waved neck bar

  • the height at the withers can be increased to 30 cm
  • available for stall widths:  110 / 112.5 / 115 / 120 / 125 / 131 cm
  • the combination of waved neck bars of different dimensions allows the filling of the cubicle widths in between
  • two stalls are coupled

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Specifications cubicle accessories

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the waved neck bar and the knee bar. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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