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Manure mixers

Tractor-driven mixers: suitable for mixing different types of slurry

Spinder supply a range of Buschmann manure mixers that meet the most stringent operational requirements.

Types of manure mixers:

  1. PTO-driven
  2. electro mixer: comes standard with a continuous PTO, making it also suitable as a PTO drive.


A manure mixer has bearings on the PTO side, in the middle and a bearing at the mixer auger.

Models E1-102 and L-E1 are fitted in many places with maintenance-free groove ball bearings with a 2RS sealing. The maximum speed is 1000 revolutions per minute.

Model C/E1-102 is fitted with a maintenance-free groove ball bearing on the PTO side, sleeve bearings as centre bearings and a sleeve bearing near the mixer auger. The maximum speed is 540 revolutions per minute.

Important features

  • for every manure pit, a solution for mixing different types of liquid manure
  • very robust bearings and seals, and suitable for continuous use
  • optimal performance thanks to dynamically shaped mixer augers
  • balanced mixer augers for smooth running
  • hot-dip galvanised parts

Standard lengths

  • 420 cm
  • 520 cm


  • no oil filling
  • standard: fastening ring for reverse gearbox
  • auger: suction auger Ø560 mm
  • largely hot-dip galvanised
  • Tiltable 3-point trestle with adjustable spindle and reverse gearbox
  • Situation with fixed mixer and adjustable holder. This gives sufficient space for the supply hose of the manure tank.
  • Situation with fixed manure mixer, guide rail 500 cm and a support trestle. The guide rail can be an obstacle to a manure tank with suction arm.
  • Mixer pit neatly covered, and mixer stub fitted with guard
  • The adjustable holder for manure mixers is a solid support and fits into any pit that is at least 60 cm and at most 170 cm wide.


Built-in mixer frame, guide rails, adjustable holders

For a mixer in a pit to work properly, a built-in mixer frame (70 x 70 cm) must be part of an intermediate wall. Using a guide rail, the mixer can be conveniently put in place. Standard guide rails are 5 metres long. 3-metre-long guide rails are also available.
The guide rails can be suspended from a suspension bracket.

It is also possible to go for a manure mixer with no 3-point trestle, in which case the mixer must be attached in the mixer pit by means of an adjustable holder. The standard adjustable holder has a setting range of 60 to 120 cm. A reinforced version has a setting range of 100 to 170 cm.

A manure mixer with no 3-point trestle can still be used with the accessory support trestle with a guide rail.

Reverse gearbox

In practice, a reverse gearbox is used if the pit is not 'released'. Especially when the manure pit is almost filled up, it may happen that a sucking mixer spills the manure over the edge. Running the mixer for a short period of time will make the manure move faster and better. 

When a reverse gearbox is frequently used, we recommend a model E1/102 mixer. 
Please note!  When using the reverse function:

  • maximum speed: 540 RPM
  • maximum power on (upper) PTO shaft end: 65 HP

More information

All information about the Tractor-driven manure mixers can be found here:

Manure Disposal Catalogue

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