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One-way gates for separating passages

Spinder has various one-way gates in its range: Texas gate and the Pasture gate.

Texas gate

A Texas gate can be used for easily closing the separation passage or the outlet of the milking robot. A Texas gate consists of a set of Texas doors, mounted to a robust 2” gate. The 2” gate is mounted on the floor using two mounting bases, made of thick-walled 70 mm pipes onto a heavy base plate. The Texas gate can be placed onto both a concrete floor and a slatted floor.

Texas door set
The Texas doors can also be ordered as a separate set without a gate. You can easily mount a set of Texas doors on existing walls or upright posts.

Walk-through gate for partition barrier
For easy access through a 79 cm high partition barrier, fitted as standard with a universal locking mechanism. The access is 35 cm wide and 140 cm high. The total length by which the partition barrier is extended when using the partition barrier varies from 60 cm to 85 cm.

Self-closing gate
The self-closing gate can be mounted in the return passage of the milking parlour. Due to the slanting position, the door closes by itself.


  • adjustable from 75 to 110 cm
  • adjustable from 110 to 145 cm

  • universally applicable
  • different variations
  • Self-closing gate
  • Texas gate
  • Texas doors set

Pasture gate

It may be necessary to work with one-way gates in a wider passage, allowing the passage to be cleared,(e.g. pasture gates in this situation.

Depending on the passage width and the amount of cow traffic, a single or double version can be selected. 

Details Pasture gate

  • standard fitted with the required Texas doors
  • standard fitted with adjustable pivoting point and universal locking point
  • free passage for manure robot of 65 cm


  • Pasture gate single: suitable for width from 190 - 290 cm
  • Pasture gate double: suitable for width from 300 - 400 cm

Optional Accessories

  • Castor wheel to partition barrier
  • Angle brace set
Pasture gate
  • Pasture gate single
  • Pasture gate double

More information

All  information about the one-way gates can be found here:

Cow Traffic Catalogue

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the Texas gate and Texas door set. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

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