New outfit!

28 August 2018

For 45 years, Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts has been fitting out your barn

To celebrate this milestone, Spinder is now going to going to give you a new outfit. Spinder is giving away a body-warmer with every quotation over €5000.00. Contact your dealer now! 

Over the past 45 years, Spinder has grown from a metal workshop with just a few employees to a successful international company. 

Do the cow - and yourself - a favour, and enjoy the results.

A happy, healthy cow in top condition will produce more milk. That is the reason why investing in a comfortable, safe and clean living environment for your cows is an investment that always pays for itself. Both in terms of animal welfare and in production.Spinder's livestock housing concepts offer comfort. First of all, cow comfort, because the cow must be able to eat and drink, rest, move and stand comfortably. For this purpose, we carry an extensive range of cleverly shaped cubicle partitions, feed fronts, cow traffic gates, mattresses, waterbeds and drinking troughs. Of course, we also carry manure scrapers to keep the living space of your cows clean and we supply many other products to make livestock housing complete. 

The comfort for the dairy farmer is at least as important. Ease of use of the products and reliable quality are also conditions for enjoyable working and cost-effective farming.  

For that reason, the development of Spinder's concepts is not only based on the cow, but also on the farmer's perspective. The cows feel comfortable and you spend less time and energy on the daily routine. 

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  • This special promotion runs till 30 September 2018.