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This is where you can catch up on news items aboutSpinder Dairy Housing Concepts for each year.

autolift gates for easy cow traffic

Silver medal 2018 for Autolift

9 Nov 2018

Autolift gates for automated cow traffic control are easy to operate, save time and require less physical effort.

Innovative feed front signalling system

Silver medal 2018 for Feed Front Signalling - FFS

8 Nov 2018

Clever feed front signalling system prevents cows from staying locked longer than necessary via a smartphone.

Visit Spinder at EuroTier 2018

17 Oct 2018

From 13 to 16 Nov Spinder will be presenting its 2 award winning products at the EuroTier trade fair in Hanover in Germany.

New outfit!

28 Aug 2018

For 45 years, Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts has been fitting out barns. To celebrate this milestone, Spinder is now going to give you a new outfit.

Construction of new home for Spinder is taking off

13 Jul 2018

At Friday 13th of July 2018 Alderman Bakker drives the first pile of new home for Spinder in Drachten..