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Matting for a relaxt cow

Very important for the health of the cow is the surface on which she lies, which must be dry and hygienic. Leaked milk must be able to drain away and the surface must be quick-drying and easy to wipe clean. Cows like to lie down relaxed, but also to stand up easily. A surface that provides grip is important for that reason.

All in all, the choice for a good surface affects the health of your cows.

Spinder matting: comfortable and hygienic

The surface of the matting must not be abrasive to the skin; the cow wants to lie on a soft surface to ruminate quietly and not be bothered by pressure spots or skin damage. But the matting should not be too slippery either, as the animal would be in danger of slipping when she is lying down or standing up. In other words: soft, but also firm. It is walking a fine line for the cow.

Spinder like to pamper the cows, because healthy cows that lie quietly ruminating produce more milk. Spinder matting in the form of a mattress or waterbed makes sure that the cow lies comfortably. 

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