Freestall divider
Freestall divider

Freestall divider

The optimal cubicle has a number of important features:

  • dry, soft surface that provides grip
  • sufficient headspace
  • correct width of the cubicle
  • correct shape of the partition
  • safety and rest for the resting cow
  • handy to keep clean and dry

Cubicles that can be placed suspended, not attached to rafters or support posts, offer maximum flexibility in layout. A cubicle version with a waved neck bar facilitates the animals lying straight.

Spinder freestall dividers give your cows the space they need

The Spinder freestall dividers meet all these requirements. The shape of the divider - the Spinder curl - directs the cow into the cubicle and makes sure she lies down properly. The lower part of the curl gives support and prevents pressure spots. In addition, the animals cannot lie under the divider to injure one another.

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