Submersible manure mixer

The Turbomix submersible manure mixer is suitable for mixing different types of slurry, specifically at places with a small pit opening.

The Turbomix is energy efficient and is driven by a planetary drive with 4-pole electric motors.

Stainless steel auger

Even at a low number of revolutions, the custom-shaped 8mm stainless steel auger provides a swirling flow in the manure and guarantees a long service life.

Installation options

  • vertical installation Turbomix against pit wall (l = 230 cm)
  • slanted installation Turbomix on guide rails

Three variants are available:


propulsion auger
mixing capacity

pit wall
(B x H) cm
puit opening
(L1 x B1) cm

9 kW
15 kW
18,5 kW

595 mm
720 mm
780 mm
3013 m3/uur
5489 m3/uur
6702 m3/uur
65 x 73,7
80 x 86,5
86 x 92,5

120 x 101
120 x 120
120 x 120

A submersible manure mixer comes with a 10-metre power cable. For vertical installation, a 2.5 m (8 mm) stainless steel hoisting cable is also included.


Switsch box
The submersible manure mixer must be connected to the electrical mains using a switch box. The switch box is fitted with main switch, soft start and timer with an adjustable weekly programme.

Manual switch
An alternative to the switch box is the manual switch for the submersible manure mixer.

Make sure you quote the appropriate version when ordering the switch box or the manual switch.

  • drive: planetary in oil bath
  • number of revolutions: 330-350 1/min
  • installation: against a pit wall or on guide rails
  • auger: stainless steel propulsion auger


Vertical guide frame

When using a submersible manure mixer for vertical installation, a vertical guide frame must be ordered (l=2.30 m).

Built-in frame, guide rails

When using a submersible manure mixer for installation on sloping guide rails, make sure that you first order a built-in frame (70 x 70 cm), guide rails (l = 5 m) and a suspension piece.

Information sheet

Here you will find all the information you need with regard to the Turbomix submersible manure mixer.

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