Spinder Bull pen

Bull pen

The bull, large and strong, is an animal that deserves to be treated with much respect. Spinder have developed the bull pen especially for the breeding bull, consisting of a robust safety feed fence (two feed openings) and an equally robust door. As the bull is secured in the feed front, a cow can safely and conveniently be taken in and out of the pen.

The fence is constructed with an adjustable neck width, so the bull pen can be used for just about any type of bull (in terms of age and size). The two feed openings can be operated independently from one another; simple and safe for fingers and hands. 

  • adjustable neck width
  • extremely sturdy safety fence
  • working safely around the bull
  • Spinder Bull pen
  • Spinder Bull pen
  • Spinder Bull pen
  • Spinder Bull pen
  • Spinder Bull pen

Specifications Bull pen

The front of a complete bull pen is 3 metres wide and approximately 1.70 metre high. It is made up of heavy pipes (including 2.5") and tubes (including square 80).

The bull pen consists of:

  • a robust safety feed fence (i.e. with bottom opening) with an adjustable neck width, two feed openings
  • a heavy door with a safety lock

The operating modes of the feed front: 

  • open position: bulls and cows can freely move their heads in and out of the feed front
  • self-locking position: the animals lock themselves in when they start eating
  • individually releasing an animal: by repositioning the operating sleeve
  • individually releasing an animal from the safety opening (bottom opening) by repositioning the operating sleeve

Optional accessories

  • safety feed front
  • door, incl. locking mechanism and locking points
  • support post
  • guard
  • plastic protective sleeve
  • fasteners
  • hangers for bull pen door

Information sheet

Here you will find all the information you need with regard to the Bull pen.

Technical drawings

Technical drawings are available for installing the Bull pen. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.

Requesting information

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