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Leaflet I farm

20 January 2022

The new brochure of Spinder! Check it out!

Spinder nieuwe kennispartner van Dairy Academy Royal A-ware

Spinder new knowledge partner of Dairy Academy Royal A-ware

9 September 2021

Spinder and Dairy Academy, the knowledge platform of Royal A-ware, enter into partnership.

Koecomfort - belangrijke sleutel tot succes op moderne melkveebedrijven (5965)

Cow Comfort - Important Key to Success on Modern Dairy Farms

23 July 2021

Cow comfort is a frequently occurring theme in HI’s breeder’s reports.

Spinder continues to grow and invests in new staff

Spinder continues to grow and invests in new staff

2 June 2021

Spinder recently welcomed 3 new staff members. Here we introduce them to you:

We zijn de kleinste van de groten...

We are the smallest of the large suppliers …

2 May 2021

CEO Jehannes Bottema of Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts: “We are the smallest of the large suppliers, and the larger of the smallest ones.

Spinder leaflet about the benefits of comfort

11 April 2021

An investment in a comfortable, safe and clean living environment for your cows will always pay for itself. In both animal wellbeing and production.