Technical drawings and manuals

The most recent technical drawings and (assembly) manuals for the Spinder product range can be found here.

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Category Resting



Freestall divider

• Profit large stock
• Profit young stock
• Comfort-NG horizontal bars
• Comfort-NG support posts
• Comfort young stock
• Delta-DS
• Accessories freestall dividers
• Clamps and fittings

• Meadow Next Mattress

Category Eating


Feed fronts

• Highline safety feed front
• Limoline self-locking feed front
• Baseline self-locking feed front
• Openline self-locking feed front
• Openline feed front for larg stock
• Palisadeline tombstone feed front
• Diagonal feed front
• Feed front accessories
• Supports parts

Categorie Drinking

Drinking troughs

• Drinking water supply
Drinking water supply accessories

Categorie Cow traffic

Cow traffic gates

• Draw-up gate Heavy Duty Lift
• Draw-up gate: Light
• Barrier gates
• Texas gate and Texas door set
• Partition barrier (variable lengths): Slider
• Accessories cow traffic gates

Category Attention

Boxen and others

• Cuddle box
• Classic calf pen
• Arena Calf pen - Mono
• Arena Calf pen - Stereo
Bull pen
• Rotating cow brush

Category Manure disposal

Manure scrapers

Manure scrapers accessories

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