Comfort for the cow

A happy, healthy cow in good condition performs better. Cow comfort is created by everything that determines the cow's living conditions. The Spinder concepts contribute to a longer life for the animals; more lactations - better returns!

We at Spinder have been talking with cows since 1973, and have experienced the evolution towards today's larger, modern cows that eat large amounts of food and give large amounts of milk. Our insights, and through them our products, followed this development.

The free stall divider gives the cow space to lie down and stand up in a natural way, while the cubicle matting provides a soft but grippy surface. Our feed fences give the animals space to eat undisturbed and unhindered.

All our products are in detail designed on cow-friendliness; no sharp edges and no protrusions. Ear tags should not tear, heels should not become bare and collars should not get caught! In this way, the animals can remain productive for a long time.