Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts

Comfort your cows, enjoy the results

Spinder has been a reliable supplier of dairy housing solutions since 1973. Our company is based in Friesland, a province with a long and prominent position in dairy farming. Thanks to our knowledge of dairy farming, we can give you good advice and provide you with products that will function for decades without any problems. Our dairy housing concepts are being used by dairy farmers all over Europe who rely on durable quality and smart solutions for the daily activities of the cow.

Spinder Dairy housing concepts

Spinder's five promises

Spinder since 1973

Tjip Spinder started manufacturing and selling dividers and feed fronts in 1973, using the name Spinder Stalinrichting. What started as a metal workshop, quickly became a small factory and eventually grew into Spinder as we know it today: a leading, cutting-edge manufacturing company with a modern range for contemporary dairy farms.

"An investment in a comfortable, safe and clean living environment for cows always pays off. Both in terms of animal welfare and production.”

Brochure: Spinder - The Benefits of Comfort